About Us

At SJ Halal, we intend to have excellent customer service, starting with the product, cleanliness, and our attitude. 


Many retail establishments sell a mix of machine slaughtered animals and hand-sacrificed animal products. However, we only source zabihah-halal meats that are either certified or attested to, by a practicing Muslim. Our prices are extremly competitve, so you don't have to worry about comprimising your wallet/purse for good products. 


In addition, we are probably the only Muslim & Black-Owned meat shop in the Philadelphia Area! In any thriving community you need people to support businesses; then for the businesses to support and filter money to non-profits (and other businesses); and for the non-profits to provide needed services for the community. This creates a beneficial 3-part cycle, which ideally makes for a better community. 


Why do we call ourselves ‘A Specialty Retail Store’? We carry a few products that are made in-house; hence, you will not find the same item anywhere. Our signature items are: our house chicken salad; our rib-eye steak burgers; our banana pudding (coming soon); cheesesteak egg rolls (coming soon); Goat burgers (coming soon); and salmon burgers (coming soon). 


Stop by, check us out on social media, google maps, yelp, etc., and see for yourself. If we don't have an item you are looking for, please don't hesitate to inquire. 



Yasir Uqdah

South Jersey Halal Meats