Menu & Delivery

*Some of the items are subject to NJ sales tax*


4 ¼ lb Beef burgers (73%/27%): 

$7.99 plain

$9.99 w/ feta cheese and organic spinach

$9.99 w/ sharp cheddar cheese

$9.99 w/ organic black seed

4 ¼ lb Rib-eye steak burgers (we trim the rib eye steak, then ground it and make it into a succulent patty burger):  

$13.99 plain

$15.99 w/feta and organic spincah

$15.99 w/ sharp cheddar cheese 

$15.99 w/ organic black seed

Sliced Chicken steaks - $7.99 lb

Sliced Beef steaks - $8.99 lb

Sliced Lamb steaks - $9.99 lb 

Lamb Merguez Sausages 6pk - $15.99


Coming soon, inshaaAllah! cheesesteak eggrolls (lamb, beef, and chicken) & jerk salmon burgers infused with greek yogurt


Veggie burgers 4ct - $7.99

Onion rings 1lb bag - $2.99

Vegan chicken nuggets 10ct - $5.99

Veggie Egg rolls 5ct - $4.99

French fries 1 ½ lb bag (3/8th cut) - $3.85

Sweet Potato Fries 1 ½ lb bag - $4.79

Roasted veggie soup w/ organic chic peas - $5.99


Stromboli (cheese and sauce;spinach;veggie sausage and vegan cheese;whole wheat & spinach) - 25oz - $13.99


Pink Salmon Wild Caught 6oz - $3.99

Large (or XLarge) Shrimp 2 lb bag - $14.99

Colossal Shrimp 2 lb bag - $24.99


Vanilla Gelato cup - $3.99

Vanilla Gelato cup w/ organic chocolate syrup - $4.49

Chocolate Gelato cup w/organic chocolate syrup - $4.49

Mango Sorbet cup - $3.99

Our fresh chicken is USDA inspected and antibiotic free, and like all of the other meat products, hand-sacrificed according to Islamic law.

Fresh Chicken breast (boneless & skinless) 

- $5.99 lb

Fresh Chicken legs (drum and thigh 

w/ skin) 

- $2.99 lb

Fresh Chicken wings - $3.99 lb

Fresh Ground beef (73% lean/27% fat) 

- $5.99 lb



We make it from scratch (w/ greek yogurt, lemon juice, parsley, and more).

Chicken salad mix 1lb - $9.99

Chicken salad sandwich (w/ pickles and organic spinach) - $6.99


Provolone and Mozzarella blend shredded cheese 6.4oz - $2.49

White American cheese slices 16ct - $1.99

Sharp Cheddar cheese shredded 6.4oz - $2.79



Cinnamon Roll - $2.99

Brownies 2 pk - $4.49

Coffee Cake - $2.99



Saratoga Spring Water 16.9oz - $1.50

Boylan Soda (root beer/ ginger ale/ black cherry) w/ cane sugar 12oz - $2.49

Organic Apple Juice 16oz - $2.99


Jasmine rice 1 ½ lb - $3.69

Basmati rice 1 lb - $1.99

Red kidney beans 16oz - $2.49

Lentils 16oz - $2.49

Green split peas 16oz - $2.49

White Oats 14oz - $2.99

Chic Peas 16oz - $4.99


Spaghetti noodles 14oz - $1.99

Elbow noodles 14oz - $1.99


Black pepper seasoning 6oz - $5.99

Chicken seasoning 13oz - $5.99

Garlic Powder 8oz - $6.35

Hot Pepper Flakes 7.93oz - $4.49

Onion Powder 6oz - $4.49

Placing an Order

To place an order, please fill out the following boxes accurately and hit submit. 


Orders for Sunday afternoon delivery should be in by 3pm the Tuesday before the Sunday's delivery, in order for us to process your order with precision. For example, if you would like a delivery for Sunday May 26th, the order would be submitted by 3pm May 21st (Tuesday), and paid in full soon thereafter. However, if you would like a delivery Sunday May 26th, but you submitted your order or May 22nd, 23rd, 24th, or so forth, we will not be able to process the order for Sunday May 26th (please call for exceptions). In plain English, SJ Halal Meats needs about 4 days to process orders for delivery. However, you can place an order any day of the week, and we'll contact you with regards to if we can deliver or not for the upcoming Sunday.


Please make sure all information is accurate, as to avoid any delays. Once received, we'll email you the invoice promptly, inshaaAllah (God willing). If the invoice is not paid immediately upon receipt, customers may not receive their delivery for the appropriate Sunday. 


We charge $7 for deliveries in PA & $5 for NJ deliveries. The minimum order to deliver is $50 (including the delivery charge). However, if your order is $100 or more, the delivery charge is waived. Areas delivered to include: Deptford; Wenonah; Camden; Paulsboro; Glassboro; Woodbury; Mullica Hill; Swedesboro; Bellmawr; Lawnside; Cherry Hill; Camden; South Philly; West Philly; Delaware County (below Baltimore Pike, including the City of Chester). Please contact us for additional locations.


Deliveries are made in the mid to late afternoon hours on Sundays. The driver will give you a heads-up of their ETA. Keep in mind that food products cannot be returned after being received, verified to be accurate, and in good condition. If there are any problems, please call or email us immediately. We appreciate your business and look forward to you having a pleasant experience. 


If you would like to simply place an order for pick up, and avoid any delivery fees, no problem. Call us anytime we're open from 12pm to 6pm everyday except Fridays when we're closed.